VIP Class Notes (Jesse) [S]


Did this together – bold words I taught him, sentences I helped with.

Mr Bean is eating popcorn on the sofa at home with a teddy bear, he feels scared because the vampire is scary, he eats popcorn but his tooth is not great. He goes to the bathroom and looks in the mirror and he sees his teeth. He puts salt in a glass and mixes it because he wants to make his teeth clean, and then he drinks the water and spits it out. He opens the fridge and there is too much ice in the fridge so he uses a fork to hit the ice but the fork breaks. Mr Bean goes to bed and he brings some ice but the ice melts because it is too hot. He wakes up but he feels bad because his teeth hurt. He eats toast in the morning.


scared – hai pa
scary – rang ni hai pa

salt – yan

mix – put things together

spit – tu

fridge – bing xiang

ice – bing kuai

melt – ice / ice cream becomes water

bring – dai

toast – hot bread / cooked bread