VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


counselor – a person you can talk to about your problems
psychologist – if you have mental illness you can talk to them and get medicine

meditation – ming xiang

escape from reality
eg. i need an escape from reality

solve (v) / solution (n)

Buddhism – the religion
Buddhist – the people

she wants to do the best thingsshe wants to do things in the best way possible 

assertive – to be strong and say what you truly think

logistics – the way, timing, cost, method of doing sth
eg. the logistics of organising a wedding are really complex

confront sb – to stand up to sb and say what you think

raise me up – make me confident
raise me – parents supporting kids to become mature

retirement home – for old people to live

butter her up – to say and do things to try to make sb happy with you
eg. my mum always butters my husband up by giving him his favourite food

bottle it up – to not express your emotions and feelings, and just keep them inside
eg. she bottles up her emotions and so maybe that is why she’s unhealthy now