VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

take medicine / further examination / follow up appointment 


when I finished the dialoguewhen I finished the conversation / finished talking to her 

then I speak the same sentence 3 timesthen i said the same sentence 3 times 

death certificate and paperwork

assertive – standing up for yourself and being confident
eg. Jessica needs to be more assertive at work sometimes

glad to menice to me / good to me 

baby sisterbabysitter 

blockage – sth that is blocking it

Take this medicine 3 times a day, after meals, 2 capsules each time.
Take this medicine once a day on an empty stomach, at the same time each day.
Take this medicine once a day at 8 PM every day, or before bed.

If you forget / miss one, but remember more than 2 hours before the next one is due, you can still take it, otherwise, skip it. / Don’t take more than 2 in any 2 hour period of time. / If you miss one, just take it as soon as you remember and delay the other times for that day. 


capsule – “cap syou lll”


yell to me / yell at me
I yelled to my friend to buy me a coffee because she was over the other side of the road – speak loudly
I yelled at my friend because I was angry that she forgot the coffee – angry / fighting