VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Review these and correct next class


another city not bad
in the last years 
she is work in the Australia 
exited this plan 
i watching the books 
i can’t use it in my talking 
i think about what words I should say it
My student he is Leslie  

I do / I go / I work
I will do / I will go / I will work
I did / I went / I worked
I am doing / I am going / I am working
I have done / I have been / I have worked

when I have a meeting always have many people –


bright < > dark 

almostlywhen i come here I mostly have Jesse / Most of the time when I come here I have Jesse

It is almost 3PM (It is 2:59PM)
The cup is almost empty

I think you are good – easier
you are good is what I think – harder

learn something new – get some new knowledge

easy to go out of fashion < > timeless 
eg. fashionable clothing often go out of fashion quickly, but classic styles are timeless

suitable – shi he
eg. many fashionable styles are suitable for jobs like advertising and fashion design