VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

Talk about simple topics (IETLS questions) – the focus is Lyon correcting himself and stop using Chinese sentences. eg. there have a phone on the table there is a phone on the table eg2. my wife she has goodmy wife is good 


there exists a funny thing there is a funny thing…

So your provided proposal is too complexthe proposal you provided is more complex than we had expected / we are able to manage 

still on the progressongoing 

expectations (n)
eg. it’s beyond our expectations

childhood – the time I was a child
eg. during my childhood I was very happy

practice (v) – lian xi
exercise (v) – jian shen
eg. I practice English every day
eg2. I exercise at the gym every day

represent / representative
eg. She was the English representative at school

he / she – put some feeling into the word


significant – sig nif fi kant


from his pregnant from the time she was pregnant
from his 6 years old from the time he is 6 years old

they are easier to do it’s easier for them to do it …