VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Send me an email that you wrote, and we will review it next class.

Write a short diary of what you did today. Explain each thing you did, and add details using conjunctions (because, and, but, so, which, when, if….) – remember it’s in the past, so use past tense.

Next Class Focus

L – mouth shape


I may late for 10minsI may be 10 minutes late 


like – long I
lik / lick – short i

bin – i
bine – I

vine – I
vin – i

A – play / table
a – apple / bad – big and open

E – speak
e – egg / bed – smaller and narrow

I – hide / hi
i – in / bin – smaller and narrow

O – smoke / blow
o – on / orange

U – few
u – up / done

teeth – th is very soft, tongue out

bin – b – important, i – most important, n – not important (next word)


differen din this way

i want to – together

I want  coffee  everyday
Iwan todrincoffee todayantomorrow

I want to drink coffee today and tomorrow

I want coffee
I want

to drink coffee
to have money

yahh – yeah


whether there is any difference? is there any difference? / I don’t know whether there is any difference… / I was wondering is there any difference / I was wondering whether there was any difference. 

Whether you do your homework or not, it’s up to you.
Whether you have a coffee or not, I don’t mind

comma – dou hao
eg. I have many friends including you, john, sally.
full stop – ju hao

ahhh / uhhh – you know / umm 

Needs more review

which – add detail / new information
eg. Judy gave you a coffee which was from AUNN
eg2. Judy gave me a coffee, which was so nice!