VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

company introduction

explain the function and their future development (we have a lot of capital support + selling point is it’s professional training + professional team of trainers and support staff all over China) + consistent salary & bonus system


it takes more cost for traffic it costs more for transport

transport – going from A to B

traffic – the number of cars etc on the road

it was very impactful

tense / nervous / strained / stressed / pressured 

they chase for high skills – they chase high skills

coordination of your mind and body – synchronization

video feed – video from a camera on your screen

technique – teck neek

sneak peak



peak time < > off peak time

we monitor the time slot that has the most recap video views in order to add more live classes at that time slot.

we monitor the time slot that has a high number of views of recap videos, and add a live show at that time.


sunday stroll – weekend easy

morning pick-me-up – daily / morning / a little intense

warrior run – high intensity / max intensity

beast mode / nightmare mode – max intensity

casual mode / easy-mode / newbie / rookie run – beginner

morning marathon – morning but long and hard

dance cardio party – mover and shaker / get the groove / shake it

yoga functional etc