VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


I’m not really into it / I’m not a big fan / I’m not a big ___ person 

KOL / star / celebrity

what does KOL mean? a person who is famous in their industry
what does KOL stand for? = Key Opinion Leader

SE stands for Smart English. SE as a company stands for honesty, goodness, professionalism

USA stands for United States of America

exposure (n) – to show your brand to people (not selling)
eg. I want to get more exposure for my brand / for myself
eg2. it’s a good chance to get more exposure
eg3. it can help me to expose (v) my brand to a larger audience (group of people to see sth)

awareness (n) – for people to know your brand
eg. I want to increase awareness of my brand
eg2. if people are aware (v) of your brand, it is a good thing for your company

Professional / profession / professionalism 
eg. In our profession, we should be professional because professionalism is important.

let – allow – say “ok” you can / you want to
get – ask – you should / you can
make – force – push / you don’t want
eg. I let my staff have a day off when they are good, but I make them do overtime when I need them to. I often get them to reply to emails quickly.

economy class
business class
first class

it is triple the cost

If you want to stay at the same level, or improve your life, you should continue to try to improve yourself and work harder and harder, otherwise you’ll drop down to a lower level / you’ll be unable to maintain your quality of life.

your time is more valuable than the price you pay for the flight
your time is worth more than the cost of the flight

it is worth the cost / it is worth the time

taking economy class is not worth it.

poor – not very well-off / not wealthy / not financially successful 


it is similar as that – it is similar to that

different to / from
similar to
the same as 

to focus on sth else / to change my focus to sth else

if nothing can do – if there’s nothing I can do / if there’s nothing to do 

there’s nothing to do at night / there’s nothing (that) I can do at night 

I choose reading / I choose to read

we was talkingwe were talking 

an italian girl, who studied in London, wants to….

do I interested in having a showroom?am I interested…

he say – said – “sed”


Live show – “leyev”

sad – apple 

sed – egg 

theme – tongue out! 

poor – poo rrr