VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Write about your trip to Cambodia and try to use the words from today. Focus on the grammar we learned: verb-nouns, add details with prepositions (jie ci), past tense.


review – fu xi

mosquito – wen zi

souvenirs – a present to give your friends when you travel / sth to remind you of the place you traveled
eg. I bought some souvenirs to give my friends

resort -a tourist place that is just for relaxing etc… like an island
eg. I went to a resort in Bali

look for – zhao


translate this means translate this meaning / translate this word 

I mean you are a good student
He means you are a good student

to + verb = reason
eg. I come here to learn

for + noun = reason
eg. I come here for English
eg2. I work for SE

to = dao / arrive / distance between
I go to Australia = dao / arrive / distance between
I am different to you = distance between

for = how long
eg. I worked for 10 hours today

I am used to + noun
eg. I am used to China / to living in China

I am looking forward to + noun
I look forward to + noun
eg. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow

I go ||||| to Australia 
I go ||||| with you
I go quickly |||||| to Australia
I go forward ||||| to the door
I look forward |||||| to tomorrow
I look forward |||||| to seeing you
I am used ||||||| to living here
I am used ||||||| to China

Study English is very hard

Coffee with sugar in the morning is good
I like coffee

Drinking coffee with you at 5PM in the evening is good 
I like drinking coffee

details have no time
I came here to learn English. – reason you come is you want to learn but the teacher was bad, so you didn’t learn.
I came here and learned English. – you came and you learned.

We wrote this together to practice grammar. 

I went to the office at 8:30 by myself and I worked all day on my work and I look forward to eating hotpot on the weekend, and sleeping for a long time. Last weekend I ate something with my friends and went to my friend’s home for 1 night because I promised her that I would go to her house to watch a movie.

I went to bali island with my friend for a holiday for 6 days. We went to tourist destinations and we went to swim in the sea.