VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


it’s very painful / i had a lot of pain / it really hurt 

blinds – chuang lian / the things you close on the windows, like curtains

proof (something that proves it completely) / evidence (a piece of proof)

the more pain the better / no pain no gain 

during is horrible but after it’s OK

flavor – chocolate, coffee, strawberry
eg. I had a coffee flavoured cake

taste – salty, sweet, spicy, sour, bitter, tastes like the ocean
eg. the oyster tasted like the ocean

aftertaste – the taste you have after you eat it
eg. the aftertaste of the oyster is so long and interesting

texture – tender, slimy, hard, soft…
eg. the texture of the oyster was like a snail

it’s more firm / firmer after you cook it.

Tabasco – the spicy sauce

snail – caracol