VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


Use some of the vocabulary from today in some writing. Write something like a story and try to use the words.

and try to include some words from my last class with you.


daylight savings – summer time / winter time

rainy season – huang mei tian

select – pick sth that you want
eg. I selected this dog because it was better for me…

prefer / choose / want / like
eg. I prefer to raise dogs

eg. the baby was born
give birth to
eg. I gave birth to a baby boy

hygienic < > unhygienic
eg. your dad thinks it’s unhygienic to sleep with an animal

whimper – like a baby (dog)

bark – woof woof

growl – grrrrrr

purr – happy sound of a cat

mew / meow – cat sound

hiss – angry cat sound

ceiling fan – the fan above you

pass out – faint – lose consciousness

pass away – die

bacteria – xi jun
parasite – ji shen chong

negative press (news)

make noise about sth – to say sth very loudly / clearly – to get excitement, anger, outrage…
spread sth / spread a message – tell lots of people

workable – able to do and will get something from it

effective – get a lot from doing it


they will communicationcommunicate 

if it fit to our brandsif it fits our brands 


experience – eck peer ri yenss

negative – neh ga tiv