VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


I’m just at home chilling = I’m at home doing whatever
Maybe you can come over and chill = do things together
hang out / chill / spend time together 

check you and give you a score – evaluate

consider – kao lv


I did – past, specific time
I have done – now, already done
I had done – already done before a past time
I have been doing – past until now, still doing

ago < > in 
eg. I will go to Japan in 1 week – future
eg2. I went to Japan 1 week ago – past

I ate my lunch at 12 o’clock and I had already eaten my breakfast before then. I drove to my office and I saw my coworkers had already arrived at the office.

I have lived here for 9 years but in 2016 I had only lived here for 6 years so I didn’t really understand China.