VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


vinegar – cu

soy sauce – jiang you

recipe – instructions on cooking

cleaver – a big knife used for cooking meat

medicine / medication 
eg. were you taking any medication when you were having palpitation

how long have you been experiencing them for?

each time you experienced palpitations, how long did they last?

At that time, did you feel any pain around your mouth, your upper back, or pain from your shoulder down to your hand?

referred pain – pain that comes from other places

lose consciousness / pass out / faint 

coma – serious long term loss of consciousness

masculine < > feminine

stubborn – gu zhi de
eg. he’s so stubborn

narrow it down – figure it out based on details you know
eg. he can narrow is down if he keeps trying to figure it out


Had you taken any medication or drugs or alcohol? – At the time you felt these symptoms, were you on any medication? / Did you take any medication prior to experiencing these symptoms / just before experiencing these symptoms? 
Have you taken any medication? – not clear on the time
Have you taken any medication for these symptoms? 


neurologist – “new rol lo jist”

palpitations – “powpatayshen” / “pal pit tay shen”

ache – ayk

itch – ich