VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


frankfurt sausage

crisps / chips

hot chips / french fries

bun – a bread roll / more air

crush – to make sth into small pieces

mustard – jie mo / orange or yellow sauce

nightmare – a bad dream

flood – too much water / after a tsunami

cloves (little black spices) / a clove of garlic (a piece of garlic)

dice / chop – to make it into the shape of a cube
grate – to cut it into tiny pieces using a thing (for pizza / pasta)

cube – 3d square

simmer – not boil

what else do you cook? – what other thing – “whohh delse”

lid / cover – put on the top like a hat
eg. at the end you put the lid on and let it simmer for 20 minutes



peel – to cut the skin off a vegetable / fruit
eg. I peeled the banana and threw the peel away

chicken stock – the cube of chicken / beef / pork

raw – not cooked
eg. I like raw fish