VIP Class Notes (Jesse)

Next Class Focus

review last class and today.


what work do you do? / what’s job to you do?
My job is an English teacher. I work at SE. I go to work at 12PM.

I like my job = I like my work

pay sheet – a piece of paper with money / salary

overtime – extra hours you do that you get paid for
eg. my husband does overtime every night until 10PM

payroll – the part of HR that is about paying staff
eg. I worked in HR, in payroll, as an assistant

he treated us like factory workers
eg. my husband treats me well – he always cares about my feelings

propose / suggest / said 


no is trueit is not true 

from when i was 18 years old

I worked in HR as an assistant

she knows to me like painting – she knows (that) I like painting

I come here to study.
I come to study.

I come here for studying / My husband works for me.

I go.
I go to work.

couldcan + if
wouldwill + if
should – I think you must / shall

I no practice = I know practice

I practice < > I don’t practice

I said my friend’s ayiI talked to my friend’s ayi