VIP Class Notes (Jesse)


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exterior < > interior – the outside area of sth < > inside area
outside / outdoors
eg. I liked to play outdoors when I was a kid

mask – face
headscarf – head

sanctions have been imposed on them

oppressive / oppression
eg. I didn’t notice any oppression while I was there

shia – shee ya / sunni – soo nee

what i also know during this tripwhat I also learned / found out / discovered during this trip


it makes a lot of impressionsit left a good impression on me / I try to make a good first impression when I meet people 

im not just impressed by their scenery I wasn’t only impressed with their scenery

what im impressed so much is What I was so impressed with was … 

people in therepeople there

at there / in there / on there
here / there

the way they thought aboutthe way they think / their attitude 

countless of times countless times

most of time most of the time

the time – obvious, talking about our general daily time
time – all of time – ask a scientist!

they have a strong willing to communicatewillingness 

there were much people there were many people 

how many – many – so many – not many – don’t have many
how much – a lot – so much – not much – don’t have much

they have already traveled many places – they had already traveled to many places 

restrictions on

to be frankly to be frank
frankly speaking = to be honest / honestly 


Arabic – ah rah bick 

stereotype – ster re yoe type 

rough – ruff
borough – bu roe
brought – brort
drought – dr aooot
dough – doe