VIP Class Notes (Jacob)


bug spray – something that keeps bugs away from you

Sleep like a rock/log  – sleep so well that nothing can wake you up

Snow covered mountain – a mountain with snow on top

Tremble – shaking and moving

Earthquake – when the ground shakes
eg. When I was in Taiwan, there was an earthquake and the ground was trembling.

Magnitude – measurement of an earthquakes size
eg. The earthquake in Taiwan was 5.3 magnitude.

Aftershock – shaking that happens after an earthquake, or a person feeling shaken after some kind of disaster/war.
eg. After I experienced an earthquake in 1999, I remember the aftershock I felt.

Destroyed – something that is extremely damaged and can’t be used anymore
eg. Most of the buildings were destroyed from the earthquake.

Damaged vs Broken
Still working but not perfectly but can be fixed (Damaged)
Not working but can be fixed (Broken)

Fault lines – cracks underground that move and cause earthquakes

Cruise ship/liner – Image result for cruise ship


wantto go

We went feb 19th
We were in Taiwan Feb 19th

Earthquakes –> are big/large or small/tiny


Feather [Fe-th-er]

Earthquake [Earth-quA-ke]