VIP Class Notes (Hari)


cake -k-ake

guess- g-ess

Silly – sillee

We read this story together-

The Day I Tried to Cook By: Sue Peterson

Mom is a great cook. She started cooking when she was three-years-old! I know that sounds silly, but she would help her mother cook. And, now I’m helping my mom cook.

I like to make chicken the best. Baked chicken is my most favorite thing to make. It is also my favorite food to eat. One day, when mom was sick, I tried to make the chicken

all by myself. I washed the chicken and put it in a pan in the oven to bake. When the bell rang to tell me the chicken was

done, I opened the oven door. Guess what? The chicken was not cooked!

I started to laugh. I laughed and laughed and laughed! Did you know what I did? I forgot to turn on the oven! The oven!

Did you know what I did next? I called on the telephone for pizza to come to our house. Mom was happy that I “cooked” by myself. She was happy that we could eat the pizza together.

Guess what? We will have chicken some other night.








Silly- to not do something good

guess- you are thinking about something you don’t know


Noun- 3 types

Person- Hari, William, Mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather.

Place- Shanghai, Australia, America, France, Germany

Thing- Computer, pen, puzzle, water, whiteboard, door, shirt, watch, plant, chair. Headphones


cut – bread, onion, broccoli, cheese.

Fry- fish, meat, vegetables

wash- apples, bananas, vegetables

bake- apple pie, cake

cut- bread, vegetables, meat


vegetables –

orange color and long- carrot- Kah-rutt

corn- K-orn

cucumber- ku-kum-ber

cabbage- ka-bajje

lettuce- lett-uss

onion- un-yun

spinach- sp-in-achh


salad dressing


salt- something we put in food to taste better