VIP Class Notes (George)[W]


write/ copy an e-mail you sent at work after checking the notes below

Today we focused on:

we focused on a how to write e-mails at work


Hi Team,

Hope this email find you well.

Could you help me arrange below products from xx Team?

coz Mkt team will shoot a campaign on next Monday,

thanks you in advance!




Dear/ To  planing team,

This email is in relation to the campaign shooting on next Monday.

Kindly ask the Training team for the mentioned products below, as it will be used in the shooting,

Please note that they will need it (the products) to be returned back before the shooting date/ ASAP.

thank you in advance!


Email samples:


Dear ___ (more formal)

To ___
eg. To the Sales team

For allFor the ____ department
eg. To the sales team / For the sales department / Sales department,

To whom it may concern (you don’t know the name of the people – formal)

Dear Sir/Madam (you don’t know name of person)

 (company name)


This email is in relation to… (topic) (general)
eg. this email is in relation to today’s morning briefing
eg2. this email is in relation to the updating/running of the report

This email is about (topic)
eg. This email is about our recent meeting …

Please see below for… (topic)

As per my previous email… (topic). (repeat information in last email)
eg. As per my previous email, I need you to update this report…

As you may be aware… (topic) (giving them information which they might know)
eg. As you may be aware, if you don’t do this we will have a problem…

Please be advised that… (topic)
eg. Please be advised that from next week the report will be available

As per our call/discussion / As we talked about… (topic)  (talked to them before about this)
eg. As per our discussion, you guys must finish tomorrow

Replying to an email:

Thank you for your reply/email
Thank you for letting me know


Please note
eg. please note, we will delay the meeting to tomorrow
Note that… (information)
Important: (information)
FYI (for your information) (information)
FYR (for your reference)


Please see attached for…(document name/description)
Attached is …. / …. is attached / ……, as attached
eg. The report has been updated to reflect these changes, as attached.
eg2. Please see attached for the weekly report as per our recent meeting.

Please see the attachment, which is a report regarding ….
The attachment is a report regarding….
Please see the attachment in this email.
Please refer to… (the above/below / the attachment) – please look at/pay attention to
eg. Please refer to the below schedule for this week…
eg2. Please refer to the attachment for further details..

Here are some key points for your reference (list of information)
1 –

2 –

3 –


Thank you in advance for your quick response / for responding ASAP.

I look forward to working with you / meeting you

I look forward to hearing from you / your reply / your response / your email

Let me know if you have any questions / concerns / problems / issues / comments

Please contact me if you have any questions / Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions / Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions

Thank you for your help.

Please keep me in copy (CC) / copied / in the loop.

Please email NAME (copied) to follow this up / reply to NAME to discuss this further
eg. Please reply to the customer directly, but keep me in copy.

Signing off:

Regards (formal) , Warm RegardsKind Regards, Best Regards,

Sincerely (formal / emotional) , Yours Sincerely

ThanksCheers (casual)  =  thank you and goodbye

Best , Best Wishes, All the best