VIP Class Notes (George)[S/W]


write about your favorite sport

Today we focused on:

we focused on speaking and vocabularies


mr want to buy a sofa but he have little money, he need 300  buy sofa , but he just have 20 then he go home, he look a girl she buy toy, then mr bean also buy toys. then he friend is coming, at night he friends make noise so mr bean can’t sleep, then a bird take many money on mr bean’s sofa and coat, then the police office is coming, they take mr bean to a room.

mr wanted to buy a sofa but he had a little money, he needs 300 to buy the sofa , but he just had 20 then he went home, he saw a girl selling toys, then mr bean also sold toys. then his friend was coming, at night his friends made noise so mr bean couldn’t sleep, then a bird took a lot of jewelry on mr bean’s sofa and coat, then the police officer was coming, they took mr bean to the police station.


National Day is coming. It is an important festival in China. I don’t need to go to school these days.I stayed at home these days because there were too many people outside. I watched TV and ate much delicious food. I had a good rest.And I will go to the cinema to see a film with my parents tonight. The film’s name is ‘Me and my country’.


country 国家

jewelry 珠宝

searching 探究真相的
find the truth about something

thieves 小偷
a person who steals


past tense :

have / had

want/ wanted

go / went

can / could

take / took