VIP Class Notes (George)[S/R]


write an e-mail to one of your clients as a case study. also prepare presentation material for next class.


my work flow depends on the type of clients, if i have a big client with a big budget , it means that we have a lot tasks to do, sometime we have smaller clients with low budget, however they also have a lot of requirements.recently i bought a lot of tickets for a stage shows, sometimes musical shows , live music events.

i watched the cats last month , the dancing part is an added value/ bonus to the show.

music is the most important part of the show, as it is the definition of the show theme,

my friend is taking the lead for the trip arrangements, she is handling booking flights, hotels and cars. which convenient for me.

you have to care about a lot responsibilities while having kids, therefore being single is better.

dogs are like kids, they feel sad if you leave them alone for a long time. they are sensitive , and they behave bad to grab the attention.