VIP Class Notes (George)[S/R]


Deliver: take something to a place

this restaurant delivers food faster than others.

Decide to:

i decided to cook.

menu :

the menu in this restaurant is too long.

Buy/ Buying / bought: giving money to get something from a shop

yesterday i bought a new dress in the clothe shop


in the morning i played with my cat, then i ate lunch and came here.

sometimes i play pingpong and swimming .

one day mr. bean wants to eat some pizza, so he called the pizza restaurant to take the pizza to his home, when he sees the pizza , the pizza is too small, he is very sad, so he makes a pizza by himself, that time he has a good idea, he wants to make pizza for everyone, he takes many paper and give somebody, and then so many people wants to buy pizza bean but it’s too slow , so he make a pizza machine , it’s faster but another pizza shop is angry , there are no people buy their pizza, so they find pizza bean, the eats the pizza and they think it’s very yummy, and so they give mr.bean many money, mr. bean is happy and go to restaurant to eat the pizza.

One day Mr. Bean wanted to eat pizza, so he called the pizza restaurant to deliver the pizza to his home. but when he saw the pizza it was too small. he was sad, so he made a pizza by himself. at that time he had a good idea, he decided to make a pizza business. so he printed the menu on a lot of paper and gave it to everyone .

and then so many people wanted to buy Pizza Bean but he was slow, so he made a pizza machine. it was faster but the other pizza restaurant became angry, because no one is buying their pizza .

they found pizza bean, and they ate his pizza, they think it is delicious. so they gave mr. Bean a lot of money to buy his machine. Mr. Bean is happy and went to a restaurant to eat pizza .