VIP Class Notes (George)[S/R]


institute : learning organization

during summer vacation parents take more classes for their children in different institutes.

flexibility/ flexible  : ability to change

my schedule is flexible.

doable : can be done

driving a car during the night is doable.


i’m preparing the presentation materials.

cardio: physical body weight practice

i do cardio to lose weight.

passion/ passionate:

Messy is passionate about soccer

my passion is ballet


the most important thing about my life is freedom, i wish to have financial freedom, more free time, good health, being helpful to people and make them happy,

to travel around the world, i should prepare a lot things, such as , money, time and traveling materials.

i go to the gym twice a week, and jogging every morning, i practice boxing/ i go to boxing classes once or twice a week. i do weight lifting and pushups.

my son likes sports a lot, he plays hockey, soccer and basketball. he has a trainer for hockey, but he practice soccer and basketball by himself. for him sports is a passion. and he can make a lot of new friends during playing sports/ while he is playing soccer. he hates doing homework and staying inside the house.