VIP Class Notes (George)[S]


review the vocabularies and use it in a short story

Today we focused on:

we focused on speaking and vocabularies

Needs more review

Advice (n): 1- an opinion that someone offers you about what you should do or how you should act in a particular situation. 2- 忠告

Nasa (n): 1- 美国航空航天局
E.g.: Nasa sent a spaceship to take photos of all the planets in the Solar System (太阳系).

board game-棋盘游戏
E.g.: Maybe I’ll invite a few friends over to watch an old movie or play a board game.

War (n): 1- 战争
E.g.: My grandfather fought in World War II (第二次世界大战)
E.g.: There is a war happening between the two countries.

Army (n): 1- 军队
E.g.: The army is trying to protect the people.
E.g.: The two armies fought in a terrible war.


in the morning i learning the math and i take a break for half hour and then i do the math homework and chinese homework, and i have a sleep in the noon, then i have lunch then i take underground to here, i am learning english , then i will go back home,have dinner and i do the homework and i go to sleep

in the morning i learned/ studied  math and i took a break for half hour and then i did the math homework and Chinese homework, then i had a nap in the noon, then i had lunch then i took underground/subway to here, i am learning english now, then i will go back home,have dinner and i will do the homework and go to sleep


nap :打盹
a short sleep/ sleeping for a short time

trophy :奖杯
a gold or silver cup is given to a winner

poison gas 毒气
a gas that is used to kill people


go / went / gone
eg: i go to the restaurant to eat
eg: i went to the library before the class
eg: my friend is has gone home 6 hours ago

take / took / taken
eg: everyday i take a break in the noon
eg: i took this book from the library
eg: this chair is taken

give / gave / given