VIP Class Notes (George)[S]


do the same homework please 🙂


i feel like everything is the same , you can’t imagine the protest which i had saw in the tv news, but you can see something different on the street you could see many some people write something on the street and they hope hong kong would be independence , when i went to the restaurant i feel they wasn’t friendly enough .

i felt that everything is the same , i haven’t thought that the protest would be the same as what i’ve seen on the tv news, but you can see something different on the streets, you could see many people wrote something on the streets which says that they hope hong kong will be independent , when i went to the restaurant i felt that they were not friendly enough .


approach 靠近 – to go towards / in the direction of sth
eg. the car is approaching the lights and slowing down

emotional 情绪 – to have a lot of emotion
eg. I feel very emotional

attraction 吸引 – the feeling of connection between people
eg. attraction is important between a boy and girl

impression 印象 – what you think of sth when you first see it
eg. I had a good impression of Cathy when I first met her

appearance 外表 / looks
eg. I think appearance is very important 

failure 失败 < > success
eg. failure is a normal part of life and can help you to improve

community 社区 / apartment complex
eg. I live in an apartment community in JingAn Temple

graduate 大学毕业生 – bi ye / finish university
eg. I graduated in 2012

mature 成熟的 – like an adult, not a kid
eg. I am more mature than when i was a kid 

interaction 交流 – communication / activity between things 
eg. the first time we met, we had a good interaction