VIP Class Notes (George)


write about a day in the restaurant

Needs more review

1.closet= 衣柜
ex: I have many clothes in my closet
ex: I have a very small closet.

2. scary= 可怕的
ex: The monster is very scary.
ex: I don’t like snakes,they are very scary.

3. take care of XX= 照顾XX
ex: My mom takes care of me.
ex: I take care of my bear.

4. finger= 手指
ex: I have 10 fingers.
ex: Nona hurt her finger today.

5. teeth= 很多牙齿
ex: I have 12 teeth!

6. neck= 脖子
ex: In the winter, my neck is very cold.

7. scarf= 围巾
ex: I need to wear a scarf in the winter.
ex: I have a pink scarf.

8. mitten= 手套
ex: It’s very cold outside, so Nona will wear her mittens.


restaurant: 饭店
ex: i can eat ice cream in the restaurant.

soup: 汤
ex: i like to eat chicken soup.

fork: 餐叉

knife: 刀

spoon: 匙

straw: 吸管

bread: 面包

shrimp: 小海虾

spaghetti: 意大利式细面条