VIP Class Notes (George)

Today we focused on:

we focused on reading the secret garden story book till page. 13


disease : (n) 疾病
illness for people or animals

manners: 态度
the way you behave towards people

landscape : (尤指乡村的)风景
a large area of countryside 

countryside: 郊外
a land not in town or city, usually a green land used as a farm

manor: 庄园宅第
a large old house with a land belongs to it.

nowadays: 如今,现在
in the present time.

crooked: 不老实的;狡诈的
not honest, bad person

once in a while : 偶尔
sometimes but not often

corridor: (尤指两边是房间的)走廊
a long passage in a building

surround: 周围地带
all the area around something