VIP Class Notes (George)[W]


write a story about your day in school.

Today we focused on:

we focused on writing using 4 step pictures.


who is he?
he is boy.
he is a boy.

what happened?
the boy feel doun groud he hurt hend. he walsh hend fountain
the boy fell down on the ground, in the path, he hurt his hand. he washed his hand in the fountain

where did he go?
he go to the doctor
he went to the doctor

how does the boy feel ?
he feels hurt.

what did the doctor do ?
the docter put the medicine on boy hend. the docter gave boy a bendage.
the doctor put the medicine on the boy‘s hand. the doctor gave the boy a bandage.

and then the boy feel better.


fell down: 倒下
eg: the boy fell down on the ground

fountain: 泉水
eg: there is a fountain in the park

medicine : 医术
eg: i took a medicine because i was sick.

better: 较好的
eg: i feel better after eating

path :路
a small road between places


Go/ went/ gone