VIP Class Notes (George)[S/R]


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we can provide kinds of insurance products to protect a lot of people that shopping online safety, when you buy some goods online and have some damage, we can resolve this problem through insurance.

we called out product was cross board e-commerce, chinese people like to buy goods from foreign online website, so we provide insurance products to protect their shopping, when goods from china to foreign country need use plan or ship, this transport take a lot of days to arrive, that goods perhaps damaged, lost and other situations.

we can provide different types of insurance products, to provide safety and protect a lot of people who are shopping online.
when you buy an online product and receive it damaged , we can resolve this problem through our insurance.
we can insure and protect all damaged products.

we call our concept (cross board e-commerce), Chinese people like to buy products/ shopping from overseas websites, so we provide insurance products/ plans to protect their shopping, when products are shipped overseas from china through ships or airplanes that will take a lot of time, which put the products under the risk of damage, loss or any other situation. so our plans will cover all kind of risky situations.


concept : 概念 principle or idea