VIP Class Notes (George) [S]


goalkeeper : 守门员

referee 裁判

coach :教练

slide 滑动

penalty 罚款

stadium 体育场

hammer 锤子

Axe 斧头


once a week I go to school and play football with my friends, I am a goalkeeper , my friend is goal maker, I have another friend and another friend , they are 1 goalkeeper and 1 goal maker. one friend’s mother is a referee that I am sleep in the ground because the football always in there.

I go to school once a week to play football with my friends, I am the goalkeeper, and my friend is the goal maker, I have 2 other friends, they are also a goalkeeper and a goal maker, my friend’s mother is the referee, but I’m always laying down on the ground because the ball is always on the other side.