VIP Class Notes (George)


Do a review of the new vocabulary, and write a small piece on what animal you would like to have and why.


ABC (acronym for American Born Chinese)

e.g. He is an American born Chinese.

Reject-  To refuse to accept something.

e.g. My boss rejected my proposal and told me to make a new one.

No-win Situation-  A situation where you literally cannot do anything right.

e.g. If countries start nuclear war, it’s a no-win situation.

Stray- (verb or noun) to stray means to go in a direction you didn’t intend on going.  OR

For three he plays, for three he strays and for the last three he stays”.

Strike- means to miss hitting the ball in baseball OR it means to protest and not work.

e.g. In France and Spain, it is common to see people working in transport on strike because they want to get paid more.

Cage- something you put an animal inside to keep them there.

e.g. I have to put my cat into a cage when I bring them to the vet.

Skunk-  A kind of animal that that is black with a long white stripe on its back and smells really bad.

e.g. If you see a skunk, you should run as fast as you can.