VIP Class Notes (George)


Review vocabulary


Ear drum- the part inside the ear that you can touch or break if you push too hard.

e.g. If you clear your ears too hard you can break your eardrums.

Traditional /Folk Medicine- a kind of medicine that is used by common people, not hospitals

Sinuses-the part of your nose and throat that helps you breath

e.g. when I have allergies my sinuses get blocked

Gauze -a kind of material used for bandages

e.g. they put gauze in my ears

Eye Crust- the shit from your eyes

e.g.  I wake up with eye crust in the morning.

Syringe- A small thing to inject liquid

e.g. They used a syringe to give me the medicine.

Hallucinations- to see or hear things that are not there

e.g. I once took medicine that the doctor gave me and I started to hallucinate

Vertigo- A kind of sickness where you feel unbalanced.

e.g.  I get vertigo when I’m lying in bed at night; the room starts to spin.

Dizziness- when you don’t feel stable and your head feels weird.

e.g. If I go very high, I feel dizzy.

Flies-  mosquas

Anecdotes-  stories or  experiences that happened to you.

e.g. After travelling to so many places, we have a lot of anecdotes to share.