VIP Class Notes (George)


Go over a topic from the list next class together.

Next Class Focus

Do a review and choose a new topic for discussion


Ultrasound- Kind of like an X-Ray but when they use sound instead of magnets to see something.

e.g. In China, it is illegal to do an ultrasound to find out a baby’s gender.

Ultrasonic- a kind of vibration that breaks small things

e.g. They use ultrasonic as a treatment for kidney stones. It helps break them up and dissolve.

Insurance- When you pay some money to cover you in the future in case you have an accident or get sick.

e.g. It’s always good to buy travel insurance because you never know what will happen.

Arthritis- A disease where your joints start to hurt.

e.g. My grandma has arthritis, she can’t really open or move anything because of the pain.

Optometrist- A doctor who specializes in treating eyes .An eye doctor.

e.g. Many optometrists often wear glasses because their eyes are not good either.

Osteoporosis-  A disease that weakens the bones, it makes small holes in them.

e.g. Women can get osteoporosis more easily than men can because they lose calcium faster.

Calcium- a kind of mineral that makes bones and teeth strong.

e.g. If you don’t take enough calcium, your bones will become fragile.

Thyroid- thyroidus a gland in your throat that balances many functions of your body.

e.g. My mom had her thyroid removed because she had a risk of getting cancer.

Metabolism- how much energy you burn inside your body.

e.g. I have a very slow metabolism, if I eat after 7 pm, I will wake up 10 pounds fatter the next morning.

Hyper– Very active, and above the average


Hypo- Very inactive and below the average.