VIP Class Notes (George)


Fund raiser- When you try and raise money for a cause.

e.g. Today we had a fund raiser at the Kerry Center.

Envy- When you want something someone else has.

e.g. I envy foreigners who speak really good Chinese.

Sink-  where you wash dishes or your hands.

e.g. I left food in the sink, and now it is blocked.

Drain- Where the water goes out.

e.g. The drain is blocked and the water goes.

Dust- Polpo the small things that accumulate

e.g. I hate when I see dust on the table.

Fold- When you fold clothes, you make them into squares.

e.g. My ayi folds all my clothes and put them in the clothes.


make a homework- did my home work

each boss has their own way of cleaning