VIP Class Notes (David)


Fair – Not too much of anything or Not equal

e.g Is it so spicy?– No. Its just fair.

e.g I am feeling fairly good today.

e.g It is not fair that I work harder than everyone.

Fare – Amount of money paid for a service

e.g The fare for a train from Shanghai to Hangzhou is 78 RMB.

Associate – link something to something

e.g I associate green with summer

e.g Don’t associate me to him. We are not friends.

Fairy tale – a magical story or a very impossible situation

e.g Cinderella is a beautiful fairy tale.

e.g Being successful without hard work is a fairy tale.

Siblings – someone you share a father and/or a mother

e.g I don’t have any siblings.

e.g He has two siblings. A brother and a sister.

Half sister/brother – someone you only share one parent.

e.g He has one half sister because his mother married another man.

Auction – a place where people buy things by competing who will pay the most money

e.g He won this painting at an auction in Shanghai.

e.g If you don’t pay your debt, the bank will auction your house.

Au pair – a house helper

e.g We are both very busy, let us get an au pair to take care of the house.

e.g The child was raised by an au pair.

Knitting – forming a piece of cloth using special needles and threads

e.g He is very good at knitting.

e.g My mom knitted this dress for me

Affect – cause something bad to happen

e.g Eating too much junk food will affect you in the future.

White is empty and its like an angel – White is pure

If I stay in black situation – If I stay in a dark situation

It’s a very old story, its not true – It’s a fictional story/It’s a fable

It was a lovely and romantic memory – It was a memorable moment

I forgot how to create some colors – I forgot how to mix some colors

I use a square and put this painting on it – I framed the painting/I placed the painting on a frame

Her father didn’t want them to meet – Her father didn’t support them meeting


They only meet one time a year

I can help them to solve it

I like summer because there are trees and trees are green in summer

My mother always stay with me when I was learn all that

Because I came into university

I have once learn it one time


They meet once a year

I can help them to to solve it

I like summer because trees are green during summer

My mother always stayed with me when I learnt all that

Because I came for university