VIP Class Notes (David)


She has used to fly alone -> She is used to flying alone.

The people looking more confidence -> The people are looking more confident. The people look more confident.

The people have confidence face ->The people have a confident face. The people have confident faces.

More busy – busier


marching – to walk with many others, often in a parade, usually with the same rhythm

decade – 10 years

float – a large display involving people and/or images that is placed upon a moving vehicle for a parade

ex: There were many impressive floats at this year’s Christmas Day Parade.

unearthed – uncovered, discovered

ex: The detective unearthed many clues about the murder from the crime scene.

dinosaurs – 恐龙

die out – to disappear completely from the earth, as in a species

ex: Another ice age could cause many plants and animals to die out.

seabed – the bottom of the sea

ex: There are many exotic varieties of fish near the seabed.

crater – a big hole

ex: The asteroid left a huge crater in the desert where it struck.

remnants – remains; things that are left over

ex: The remnants from last night’s dinner were still on the table in the morning.

cataclysmic – disastrous; something that could cause perhaps the end of the world

ex: The cataclysmic eruption of the volcano threatened life in a 100 KM radius.

aftermath – the things that happen after an event

ex: In the aftermath of the fight, many people were taken to the hospital.

gigantic – giant, huge, very big

extract – take something out of something else

ex: From fruits, we can extract their juice to make fruit juice.

ex: The police extracted important information from the criminal.

triggered – to cause something to happen

molten – adj; describing something made liquid by heat

ex: The molten lava flowed down the side of the volcano.

tidal waves – tsunami wave

debris – (da-bree) – the remnants of something that is broken or destroyed

ex: There was a lot of debris after the building was demolished.

quota – a set number for something, could be minimum or maximum

summed up – to summarize, to give an overview

ex: The kid summed up his feelings in a simple word: “sad”.

outcry – outrage; a reaction to something that is strongly negative

ex: There was a lot of outcry when the restaurant stopped serving its most popular dish.

humane – adj; something that is done civilly or with a high moral standard

ex: Make sure to treat others in a humane way.


Comparative and superlative forms: with short adjectives, add “-er” or “-est”, don’t use more or most


parade – pronounce the “D” clearly

clip – short “i” sound

asteroid – “ass-ter-oyd” pronounce it slowly at first

Today we focused on:

Reading slowly and carefully, precisely pronouncing each word and not slurring words together.