VIP Class Notes (David)

Today we focused on:

Using plural words and past tense


I have write, read, and say. -> I have writing, reading, and speaking homework.

I like no homework -> I don’t (do not) like homework.

You give me see -> Let me see. Show me.

Are you China people -> Are you Chinese?

Eating many sandwich. – Eating many sandwiches.

He and Mr. Bean one school – He and Mr. Bean went to the same school.

The small people – The kid

He don’t – He doesn’t

Countable nouns – When talking about something that’s more than one, add “s” to the end of the word to make it plural.


What grade are you in? – 你上学几年级?

Running – 跑步

calculate – 计算

share – 分享

different – 不一样

same – 一样

necktie – 领带

tape – 交代

springs – 弹簧

threw up – past tense: 吐

bathroom – 洗手间