VIP Class Notes (David) [S]


For me I want to keep my skin white, and I know for some foreigners like the British because they only have a few months in a year have the sunshine, so they very cherish the time in summer, or maybe they have a vacation along seaside maybe is a symbol of rich people.

They only have a few months a year [which have][when there is][with] sunshine. [There is only sunshine a few months a year], so they cherish the summertime very much. Maybe they regard it as a symbol of wealth to have a vacation along the seaside.

When I’m out of the house, he will remind me to bring my umbrella, and get enough suntan – When I’m out of the house, she will remind me to bring my umbrella, and put on enough sunscreen.

She think the sunlight will make people get old quickly. -> She thinks the sunlight…

When I walking along the seaside. -> When I [am walking][walk] along the seaside…

I haven’t go to gym for currently -> I haven’t gone to the gym for a long time.

Sometimes will on the street, and sometimes will in the university. -> Sometimes on the street, and sometimes in the university.


Parasailing -> using a large parachute to float around in the sky, usually above or near the ocean

skydiving -> to jump out of a plane with a parachute.

rollercoaster -> a large amusement park ride with many turns and loops. 过山车

bungee  [bungee jumping] -> 蹦极

tandem -> to do something, like an extreme sport, with someone else at the same time.

tandem jump -> to skydive while attached to an instructor.

solo jump -> a skydive done by yourself

Mediterranean Sea

Instructor -> someone who teaches or guides you, usually for a short term.


very: use ‘very’ to modify adjectives and adverbs. You can’t use very to modify nouns or verbs.


months -> one syllable, don’t add an extra “e” sound