VIP Class Notes (David)


Write about your favorite Avenger superhero. What are their super powers? How have they saved the world? Why do you like this superhero?


Not very like -> I don’t like it [very much].

Regular verbs -> Most verbs are “regular,” which means the past tense is +ed, and the past participle is +ed.

ex: want->wanted; kick->kicked

Irregular verbs -> Some verbs are “irregular”, which means that the past tense and participle are not +ed

ex: run -> ran ; teach -> taught

List of irregular verbs:


regular -> normal

ex: On a regular day, I wake up at 8 AM for school.

irregular -> not normal, different

ex: It was irregular for her to be late for work.

antonym -> a word with the opposite meaning

Meteorologist -> a person who studies the weather

ex: The meteorologist said that it will rain much more this year than last year.

Meteorology -> the study of the weather

Meteorological -> adjective, used to describe the study of weather

Organization -> an official group of people

unprecedented -> something very important that has never happened before

ex: The total solar eclipse was an unprecedented sight.

on record -> the writing down of significant information

ex: He is on record saying that he stole the money.

blaze -> noun; a fire

freeze -> verb; when a liquid gets so cold that it becomes a solid

melt -> verb; when a solid gets warm and becomes a liquid

flood -> when the water level gets too high and covers the land

government -> the people in charge of the country; 政府