VIP Class Notes (David)


  1. Talk to your assistant in English at least 10 minutes a day
  2. Write down what you talk about each day.


I watching TV show -> I like to watch TV shows.

I have a cup of tea. -> I like to have kungfu tea (or just say it in Chinese).

Talking with my friend or reading book. -> I like to talk with my friends or read some books.

I like tennis but two years I haven’t. -> I like tennis, but I haven’t played in two years.

Because tennis I must ask another friend and we must have location to play tennis and many many condition is so difficult to me. -> It is difficult to make tennis arrangements. I must ask a friend to play, we must book a tennis court, and the weather must also be good.

When I in Hangzhou, I have a tennis lesson. -> When I lived in Hangzhou, I had tennis lessons/I took tennis lessons.

When I at the TV company I worked there for ten years. -> I took tennis lessons for two years in Hangzhou when I worked/was working at the TV station. I worked there for ten years.

Maybe the sport teacher want to booking, so difficult to connect to the tennis teacher. -> It is difficult to find and book a tennis coach.

I must drive my car to the tennis station. -> I must drive my car to the tennis court.

I buy the lessons is for the sports teacher and his location is far away. -> I bought tennis lessons but the coach’s location is far from my home.

And the time the court and the sports teacher all match, you can’t do this. -> It is very difficult to arrange the time, the tennis court, as well as the coach.

Because my partner is America company and Russia company. -> Because my partner is an American company and a Russian company. Make sure to use the adjective form of country names when describing things from that country.

Articles – “a”, “an”, and “the”. Use “a” if the next word starts with a consonant sound. Use “an” if the next word starts with a vowel sound (a, e, i, o, u). Exception: example – I am an honest man. He was late by an hour.

When you describe something using “is” and a noun, always use an article before the object.  Example: He is a Chinese person. That tree is an oak tree. His company is a technology company.

Don’t use an article when you describe something with only an adjective. Example: He is Chinese. She is pretty. That tea is cold.

When they come China. -> When they come to China.

How often do they come to China? Maybe once two months. -> Maybe once every two months.

When they both here, we use wechat to connected to dinner or to location or bring him up to. -> When they are in China, we use wechat to communicate about dinner or event locations.


Coach – a teacher of a sport, use coach instead of teacher.

Province –  sheng