VIP Class Notes (David) [S]


1. Come ready to talk about your favorite TV show.


I like playing basketball, skateboard, scooter, skip rope, watching TV, spinning a top. -> I like playing basketball, riding my skateboard, riding my scooter, skipping rope, watching TV, and spinning a top.

I like the skateboard and the scooter is most. -> I like the skateboard and the scooter the most.

Because is fast and fun. -> Because it is/[it’s] fast and fun.

Mr. Bean video

He was trying to fall asleep. He used a gun to turn off the lights. He couldn’t fall asleep because it is noisy. [Because there is noise.] He heard the car and the cat. He watched chess on TV. A star on the TV was very noisy. He looked at a picture of many sheep. He counted the sheep. Finally, he fell asleep.

Tom and Jerry

A dog is chasing Tom the cat. Jerry the mouse helped Tom the cat. They were sitting on a clock. Jerry the mouse had an idea. Jerry used string and tied all the stuff in the room together. Jerry the mouse baited the dog into chasing him. But the dog ran into the string and made a mess. The owner heard the noise and opened the door. She looked at the big mess. She took the dog outside. Tom and Jerry felt happy because the dog went away.


most – 最多. ex: Do you like basketball the most? = Is basketball your favorite thing to do?

helmet – 头盔

balance – to stay steady. ex: It is hard to maintain your balance on a skateboard.

Hard to understand – 难, 听不懂

made a mess – 乱七八糟 ex: He made a mess in his room after he spilled his drink.


Past tense – use past tense verbs to talk about things that happened in the past or in a book or movie or TV show.

ex: Go -> went; see -> saw; eat -> ate; dance – danced; feel -> felt;