VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)


Tourist Attractions – 景点
E.g – There are a lot of tourist attractions in Beijing.

Eel – 鳗鱼
E.g – My favorite Japanese food is eel with rice.

Exquisite- 精致
E.g – This piece of painting is very exquisite.

Packaging – 包装
E.g – The packaging for the cookie is very beautiful.

Tokyo – 东京
E.g – For Chinese New Year, I will be traveling to Tokyo.

Lifestyle – 生活
E.g – The lifestyle in Shanghai is very fast moving.

Take medication – 吃药
E.g – You need to take some medication for your sore throat.

Demo Class/Trial Class – 体验课
E.g – I really enjoyed the demo class by Smart English.