VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)


Write about your Tokyo Disneyland visit.


Comfortable – 舒服
E.g – My new shoes is very comfortable

Roller Coaster – 🎢 过山车
E.g – I am afraid of roller coasters.

Amusement Park – 🎠 游乐园
E.g – The last amusement park I went to, was Tokyo Disneyland.

Nagoya – 名古屋
E.g – I always wanted to visit Nagoya during my holidays.

Okinawa – 冲绳
E.g – My mum will bring me to Okinawa next week.

Turkey – 🦃 火鸡
E.g – We always eat roasted turkey during Thanksgiving dinner.

Roast Duck – 烤鸭
E.g- I feel like having Peking Roast Duck for dinner.

Cheese – 奶酪
E.g- Cheese gives me stomachache.


No else – Nothing else.

I go to Japan 4 times – I went to Japan 4 times.

I kill me – I will kill myself.