VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)


TV Series – 电视剧
E.g – I am addicted to the TV series Yaanxi Palace.

Episodes – 集
E.g – There are over 100 episodes in that particular series.

Relatives -亲戚
E.g – During Chinese New Year, I need to visit a lot of my relatives.

Radish – 白萝卜
E.g – My grandmother made some pickled radish as an appetizer.

Addictive -上瘾
E.g – I feel that bubble milk can be pretty addictive.

Install – 安装
E.g – This afternoon, the workers will come to install the dish washer.

Dishwasher – 洗碗机
E.g – The dishwasher broke down this morning.

Lamb – 羊肉
E.g- I want to learn how to make lamb skewers.


I do not able the get the ticket – I would not be able to get the ticket.