VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)


Write about your experience at the fire station.


Activity/Activities – 活动
E.g – I usually stay back until 3pm for school activities.

Rectangle/Rectangular – 正方形
E.g – My favorite shape is the rectangle.

Slide – 滑
E.g – I feel from the playground slide yesterday.

Pole – 棍子
E.g – I forgot to bring my ski poles to Japan.

CCTV/ Security camera – 监控
E.g- The security camera in my building is not working.

Congee/Porridge – 粥
E.g – I eat congee for breakfast almost everyday.

Rice Cooker – 电饭煲
E.g – We need to buy a bigger rice cooker.

Abalone – 鲍鱼
E.g – My mother bought 1kg of abalone from the market yesterday.

Brunch – A meal where breakfast and lunch is combined together.
E.g – Every Saturday I meet my friends for brunch.