VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)


Wind – 风
E.g – It is so humid, there is no wind today.

Strong Wind – 大风
E.g – The wind is blowing so strong today.

Vacation – 度假
E.g – This weekend I will be going to Macau for a short vacation.

Souvenir – 今年品
E.g – My mum always buys fridge magnets as souvenir.

Cosmetic – 化妆品
E.g – I always buy my cosmetic from Duty Free.

Sunscreen – 防 晒 霜
E.g – During summer, I always apply some sunscreen before I go outdoors.

Snacks – 小吃、零食
E.g – My colleague has a drawer full of snacks.

Event – 活动
E.g – I have a work event to attend tomorrow.

Magnet – 冰箱贴


I never travel in Chinese New Year – I never during Chinese New Year

Different people different situation