VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)


I been accountant for ten years – I have been an accountant for ten years.

He is more years older than me – He is a few years older than me. 

Chinese food is more oil – Chinese food is more oily. 



Stranger – 陌生人. A person that you don’t know. 

E.g – That stranger kept looking at me in a strange way.

Stuck – 卡主. Unable to move in a particular position.

E.g – The door is stuck, can you please help me push it open?

Oven – 烤箱

E.g – Put the potatoes in the oven and bake it for 15 minutes.

Steam – 蒸

E.g – My mum made steam fish for dinner yesterday. 

Carrot – 胡萝卜

E.g – Please do not put any carrots in my friend rice. 

Durian – 榴莲

E.g – A lot of foreigners do not like the taste of durian. 

Serendipity – Finding something lucky or valuable by accident


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