VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)


We went four cities – We went to four cities.

We like to cook in Chinese New Year – We prefer to cook during Chinese New Year.


Northern Lights – 北极光
E.g – I plan to see the Northern Lights next February.

Igloo – A circular house made of ice and snow.

 E.g –  One of my dreams, is to sleep in a igloo.

Seasoning – 调料
E.g – This soup is tasteless, please add more seasoning to it.

Braised – 红烧
E.g – My mum is making her famous braised pork for dinner tonight.

Boil – 水煮
E.g – I have 2 boiled eggs for breakfast everyday.

Steam – 蒸
E.g – I want to ask my grandmother to make steam fish for dinner.

Soy Sauce – 酱油
E.g – This dish has too much soy sauce in it.

Vinegar – 醋
E.g – I like to have my dumplings with a lot of vinegar.

Spring Onions – 葱
E.g – I dislike having spring onions in my food.

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