VIP Class Notes (Cynthia)

Today we focused on:

Focus more on how to use “between”


Barber Shop – 理发店
E.g – There is a new barber shop around the corner.

Clinic – 诊所
E.g – Yesterday there was a long line at the clinic.

Laundromat – 洗衣房
E.g – I need to collect my winter coats from the laundromat.

Gas Station – 加油站
E.g – We spent 2 hours looking for a gas station.

Video Store – 音像店
E.g – My regular video store close down yesterday.

Post Office – 邮局
E.g – I need to go to the post office this afternoon.

Movie Theatre – 电影院
E.g – The movie theatre across my apartment caught fire yesterday night.


Movie – /ˈmuː.vi/

Theatre –  /ˈθiː.ə.t̬ɚ/

Laundromat –  /ˈlɔn·drəˌmætˈlɑn-/

Clinic – /ˈklɪn.ɪk/

Store –   /stɔːr/

Library – /ˈlaɪ.brer.i/