VIP Class Notes (Bryce)


Today we focused on:

We discussed living in JingAn District.  We also talked about work things and school history.  It was a very enjoyable chat.  Thank you. 🙂


Components – pieces or parts

specialize – focus on doing something very well

semester – period of school.  usually, Fall, Winter, Spring/Summer

coursework – the daily material that the teacher talks about and includes the homework that they give out.

play hooky – means to skip your classes 😉

cross-cultural – learning the “in’s and out’s” of cultural differences

“in’s and out’s” – all factors related to the way something happens

multinational economics – the study of how things happen across borders

IMF – International Monetary Fund – this is a global institution that helps countries with their financial issues

quench my thirst – 1. drinking enough to not be thirsty any more

quench my appetite – same as above, but often used to describe fulfilling one’s ambition to do something

recommendations – suggestions

hangover – feeling bad the next day because you drank too much the night before

alcohol – any liquid that can give you a feeling after drinking a lot

Baijiu – Chinese clear liquor

Plum wine – a form of wine

Saki – Japanese clear liquor

Alcohol Proof – the % of alcohol in the drink

Tolerance – the ability to accept something

Envy – see something in others that is positive

Drambuie – a bitter liquer

Up – serving a cocktail without ice

Snifter – a type of cocktail glass


Both  –  both

People – people

Speaking exercise

Can I have a Drambuie up in a snifter?

It’s so crowded.  There are so many components.

How to go to the roof?  How do I get to the roof?

But the voices is very high?  Isn’t he bothered by the noise?

Last Saturday, I got drunk.

He is a good drinker.  He has a high tolerance.

My tolerance is very low. I have a low tolerance for drinking.

You can prepare the whiskey?  Are you good at making cocktails?